iPhone SE 3 new exposure, using A13 processor

The small screen mobile phone iPhone SE series has a new machine exposed, that is, iPhone SE 3. Before understanding the iPhone SE 3, lets take a look at the first two generations of iPhone SE phones. In 2016 and 2020, Apple released two iPhone SE models, one is 4 inches and the other is 4.7 inches. Until now, The iPhone SE series can also be updated with the latest system, which shows that Apple still values ​​this category.

And today, with the news about iPhone SE 3, there will be a lot of fruit fans who are very happy, and billions of fruit fans are about to get excited!

From the physical Home button to the introduction of fingerprints, to the upgrade to touch ID, to the face ID 3D face recognition solution of the iPhone X, the iPhone has been changing its method to improve the user experience.

In the current iPhone product line, only iPhone SE still retains the Home button, but the situation seems to be changing soon.

Some media found that Apple updated the presentation diagram of a patent related to side fingerprints two years ago, from the tablet shape to a more similar iPhone style.

It can be seen from the patent picture that both the screen aspect ratio and the event UI are closer to the mobile phone, but Apple's first application and mass-produced side fingerprint product is the iPad Air4.

It should be noted that Apples side fingerprint is different from most Android devices. Its fingerprint recognition sensor is higher than the bezel, just like an enlarged version of the lock screen key. The traditional side fingerprint recognition buttons are usually flush with the phone frame. In order to enhance the blind operation experience, some manufacturers even set a separate lock screen button.

To put it simply, the picture demonstrates the three states from the lock screen to unlock, first waiting to be unlocked, then unlocking, and then after unlocking.

The patent clearly mentions that the device has a power button embedded with fingerprint recognition. Since the current iPad Air 4 has already launched the side fingerprint, there is reason to believe that the iPhone, iPad mini 6, and other products will follow up.

In addition, it is not surprising that Apple uses side fingerprint technology in the more entry-level iPhone SE, which is more conducive to the cost of the product. Apple can also attract more people who want to buy iPhones at a lower price. Users, especially student groups.

Earlier, there were also rumors in the market that Apple is developing a 6.1-inch version of the iPhone SE, which uses a punch-hole design instead of the bangs that are common in iPhones. The punch-hole design can maximize the available display area and also The front camera leaves the room. In this design form, the side fingerprint is a good auxiliary design.

In addition, the current exposure of Apples side fingerprint recognition patent seems to imply that the iPhone SE has canceled the classic Home button and switched to a side fingerprint recognition design. But in addition to this point, if the iPhone SE is still designed according to the specifications of the iPhone 8, then the screen size and battery life are far from enough, even today's latest iPhone 13 series does not have battery life. Too many consumerspraise.

Of course, according to Guo Mingchi's statement, Apple is still testing fingerprints under the screen. According to Apple's habit, it should start from the end-user experience and choose the best solution.

In addition, it has entered July. Apples best-selling small-screen flagship is the iPhone SE 2, which is currently the cheapest Apple mobile phone. Its sales have been performing well. However, the iPhone SE 2 does not have 5G. I believe that by the iPhone SE 3 era, Apple This shortboard will be made up, and more users will be willing to choose it at that time.

It is worth mentioning that Mingmei Wuxian today, according to the previous iPhone SE series update convention, the new iPhone SE3 will switch to a full-screen form. As for other hardware configurations, due to product positioning and cost, an A13 processor will be used. In terms of screen material, there is a high probability that OLED will not be used, but the LCD screen of the iPhone 11 will be used. As for the starting price that everyone is most concerned about, judging from a lot of news, the iPhone SE3 will be consistent with the iPhone SE2, and both will start at 3299 yuan, continuing to seize the mid-range mobile phone market that Apple lacks.

By the way, in addition to the SE series, the iPhone also launched a mini version in the 12 series. It also features a small screen design with a screen size of 5.4 inches and the latest A14 Bionic processor. However, this model has poor sales and was once officially removed from the shelves. As for the poor sales, most of the reasons are due to the starting price of 5299 yuan. After all, users have too many choices at this price, why choose a non-mainstream small-screen phone?

In addition, in Mingmei's opinion, if the iPhone SE3 uses side fingerprints and full screens, it will bring a lot of impact to the mid-range mobile phone market. If it is the same 3K price, you will choose iPhone SE3 or other Android What about cell phones?

Finally, friends in front of the screen, are you looking forward to the iPhone SE 3? You can chat in the comment section and talk about your feelings. If you are interested, then pay more attention to the news of this new product. You can also pay attention to Mingmei unlimited account, I will bring you the latest digital information as soon as possible, let the family know the latest black technology.