ADG513 LC2MOS Precision 5V/3V Quad SPST Switches

Product Details

The ADG511ADG512 and ADG513 are monolithic CMOS ICs containing four independently selectable analog switches. These switches feature low, well-controlled on resistance and wide analog signal range, making them ideal for precision analog signal switching.

These switch arrays are fabricated using Analog Devices’ advanced linear compatible CMOS (LC2MOS) process which offers the additional benefits of low leakage currents, ultralow power dissipation and low capacitance for fast switching speeds with minimum charge injection. These features make the ADG511ADG512 and ADG513 the optimum choice for a wide variety of signal switching tasks in precision analog signal processing and data acquisition systems.

The ability to operate from single +3 V, +5 V or ±5 V bipolar supplies make the ADG511ADG512 and ADG513 perfect for use in battery-operated instruments, 4–20 mA loop systems and with the new generation of DACs and ADCs from Analog Devices. The use of 5 V supplies and reduced operating currents give much lower power dissipation than devices operating from ±15 V supplies.

The ADG511ADG512 and ADG513 contain four independent SPST switches. The ADG511 and ADG512 differ only in that the digital control logic is inverted. The ADG511 switch is turned on with a logic low on the appropriate control input, while a logic high is required for the ADG512. The ADG513 contains two switches whose digital control logic is similar to that of the ADG511 while the logic is inverted in the remaining two switches.


  1. 5 Volt Single Supply Operation
    The ADG511 / ADG512 / ADG513 offers high performance, including low on resistance and wide signal range, fully specified and guaranteed with +3 V, ±5 V as well as +5 V supply rails.
  2. Ultralow Power Dissipation
    CMOS construction ensures ultralow power dissipation.
  3. Low RON
  4. Break-Before-Make Switching
    Switches are guaranteed to have break-before-make operation. This allows multiple outputs to be tied together for multiplexer applications without the possibility of momentary shorting between channels.

Features and Benefits

  • +3V, +5V and ± 5 V Power Supplies
  • Ultralow Power Dissipation (<0.5 µW )
  • Low Leakage (< 100 pA)
  • Low On-Resistance (<50 Ω)
  • Fast Switching Times
  • Low Charge Injection
  • TTL/CMOS-Compatible Inputs
  • 16-Lead DIP and SOIC Packages