MAX14866 16-Channel, High-Voltage Analog Switch without High-Voltage Supply Requirement

Product Details

The MAX14866 is a 16-channel, high-voltage (HV), analog SPST switch primarily intended for HV multiplexing in ultrasound applications.

The MAX14866 operates from one only low-voltage supply (+5V) and does not require dedicated HV supplies, resulting in cost-saving and system simplification. Moreover, for in-probe applications, HV supplies do not need to be associated with the MAX14866 in the probe/transducer head, resulting in greater safety and easier compliance with safety regulations.

The MAX14866 features best-in-class performance in terms of bandwidth (up to 50MHz), charge injection (<100pC), and linear transmit input range (up to 210VPKPK). The low-signal switch RDSON is typically about 7Ω around 0V and remains flat in the entire input range ensuring extremely good linearity.

The latchup-free SOI (Silicon-on-Insulator) technology and the wide analog range results in extremely high robustness during undershoots and overshoots that occur in ultrasound systems due to the resonant nature of the load.

The status of the switches can be individually controlled through a high-speed SPI interface (up to 30MHz). Daisy-chain architecture is supported.

Alternatively, switches can also be controlled with global control signal (SET and CLR) for bank selections or relay replacement applications.

The MAX14866 is offered in two different packages: wafer-level packages (WLPs) and TQFNs. The 110-bump WLP size is only 5.53 x 5.47mm, resulting in less than 1.9mm2/channel footprint and allowing for very high levels of integration, which is especially beneficial for in-probe applications.

The size of the TQFN package is an industry standard 48-pin, 7mm x 7mm package.


  • Medical Ultrasound Imaging
  • NDT
  • Printers
  • Relays replacements

Features and Benefits

  • Flexibility and Ease-of-Design
    • HV Switches Operate From +5V Supply Only–Eliminating Dedicated High-Voltage Supplies Eases Probe Compliance To Industry Safety Standards
    • SOI Technology–Latchup Free
    • Large Analog Input range (up to 210VPKPK)
    • 16 Independent SPST Ensure Flexibility Supporting All Possible MUX Combinations
    • Switches Can Be Controlled Either Individually or Globally (Bank Selection)
    • 30MHz SPI Interface for Individually Programming the Status of the Switches
    • SET and CLR CMOS for global control of the switches (Bank Selection or Relay Replacements Applications)
    • Extended Digital Logic Input Range From 1.8V to 5V
  • High Level Of Integration and Density for Space-Saving Applications
    • 16 Channels Linear SPST switches
    • < 1.9mm2/channel footprint (WLP)
  • High Performance:
    • Low RON (7Ω typ) Ensures Low Insertion Loss
    • RON Flatness in the Entire Input Range Ensures Excellent Performances In Harmonic Imaging
    • Low Charge Injection <100pC.
    • Wide Bandwidth of Operation (Up to 50MHz)
    • Low On Input Capacitance (33pF) Low Off Input Capacitance (7.7pF)
    • Excellent Off Isolation (-75dB at 5MHz) Excellent Crosstalk Performances (-62dB at 5MHz)