MAX336 16-Channel Dual 8 Channel, Low Leakage, CMOS Analog Multiplexers

Product Details

The MAX336/MAX337 are monolithic, CMOS analog multiplexers (muxes). The 16-channel MAX336 is designed to connect one of 16 inputs to a common output by control of a 4-bit binary address. The dual,8-channel MAX337 is designed to connect one of eight inputs to a common output by control of a 3-bit binary address. Both devices can be used as either a mux or a demux. On-resistance is 400Ω (max), and the devices conduct current equally well in both directions.

These muxes feature extremely low off leakages (less than 20pA at +25°C) and on-channel leakages (less than 50pA at +25°C). The new design offers guaranteed low charge injection (3.5pC typical) and electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection greater than 2000V, per method 3015.7. These improved muxes are pin-compatible upgrades for the industry-standard DG506 and DG507.

The MAX336/MAX337 operate from a single +4.5V to +30V supply or from dual ±4.5V to ±20V supplies. All control inputs (whether address or enable) are TTL compatible (0.8V to 2.4V) over the full specified temperature range and over the ±4.5V to ±18V supply range.


  • Precision Data Acquisition
  • Precision Signal Routing
  • Test Equipment

Features and Benefits

  • < 400Ω (max) On-Resistance
  • < 500ns Transition Time
  • < 10Ω On-Resistance Match
  • < 20pA NO-Off Leakage Current at +25°C
  • 3.5pC Charge Injection
  • +4.5V to +30V Single Supply
  • ±4.5V to ±20V Dual Supplies
  • Plug-In Upgrade for Industry-Standard DG506/DG507
  • Bidirectional Rail-to-Rail Signal Handling
  • TTL/CMOS-Logic Compatible
  • > 2000V ESD Protection, per Method 3015.7