MAX301 Precision, Dual, High-Speed Analog Switches

Product Details

The MAX301/MAX303/MAX305 are precision, dual, highspeed analog switches. The single-pole single-throw (SPST) MAX301 and double-pole single-throw (DPST) MAX305 dualswitches are normally open (NO). The single-pole double-throw (SPDT) MAX303 has two NO and two normally closed (NC) poles. All three parts offer low on resistance (less than 35Ω), guaranteed to match to within 2Ω between channels and to remain flat over the full analog signal range (Δ3Ω max). They also offer low leakage (less than 250pA at +25°C and less than 6nA at +85°C) and fast switching (turn-on time less than 150ns and turn-off time less than 100ns).

The MAX301/MAX303/MAX305 are fabricated with Maxim's new improved silicon-gate process for high system accuracy. Design improvements guarantee extremely low charge injection (15pC) and low power consumption (35µW). A 44V maximum breakdown voltage allows rail-to-rail analog signal capability.

These monolithic switches operate with a single positive supply (+10V to +30V) or with split supplies (±4.5V to ±20V) while retaining CMOS-logic input compatibility and fast switching. CMOS inputs provide reduced input loading.


  • Battery-Powered Applications
  • Communication Systems
  • Guidance and Control Systems
  • Heads-Up Displays
  • Military Radios
  • Sample-and-Hold Circuits
  • Test Equipment

Features and Benefits

  • Low On-Resistance < 22Ω Typical (35Ω Max)
  • Guaranteed Matched On-Resistance Between Channels < 2Ω
  • Guaranteed Flat On-Resistance over Full Analog Signal Range Δ3Ω Max
  • Guaranteed Charge Injection < 15pC
  • Guaranteed Off-Channel Leakage < 6nA at +85°C
  • Single-Supply Operation (+10V to +30V)
  • Bipolar-Supply Operation (±4.5V to ±20V)
  • TTL-/CMOS-Logic Compatible
  • Rail-to-Rail Analog Signal Handling Capability